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domenica 20 novembre 2011

Meening of Salento

Have you ever been in Salento?  What is the meaning of  Salento?
Salento is the South of Puglia, the area at the bottom tip of Italy's heel, known as the "California of Italy".
In the South of Puglia you will discover ancient dolmen and menhir, ancient farmhouses "masserie", underground oil mill, rystal clear water and beautiful beaches.
One of the most beautiful town in the South of Puglia is Otranto, surrounded by nature and villas in arabian syle, facing the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Otranto is a unique place where Turks and Greeks landed centuries ago.
Around Otranto we suggest to visit Caves of Zinzulusa, and Caves of Bauxite, from which aluminum is extracted, known for unusual emerald green lake which reflects the red of the red earth.

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